[iDC] Re: REFRESH! conference, some impressions (panelism + powerpoint)

Lily Diaz diaz at uiah.fi
Thu Oct 13 00:05:04 EDT 2005

Dear Jon,

I did not attend RE-FRESH... However in reading 
your post one sentence caught my attention:

>"If new media are going to be assimilated into the discipline of history
>without changing the way history does business, then I'll
>find something else to do..."

I would like to hear more your thoughts about 
this maybe engage a in discussion, if others are 
also interested. What do you mean by this 
"assimilation"? How do you think that history 
"does business"? How could new media change this? 
Why it is needed?

I look forward to hearing comments and thoughts about this topic.



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