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ch!k chip.kali at mxHz.org
Thu Apr 13 20:25:26 EDT 2006


> enlarge the circle "artists, curators, institutions and art venues" it 
> has to be more connected to reality, real people and problematics and 
> it has to do more with public spaces, street, network, supermarket, 
> schools, suburbs...
ah this is raising new hopes - one day I will be included: after 
literature (some time ago someone asked me "what art education do you 
have" but I felt really embarrassed to say i only studied literature 
since {could see the disappointment in his eyes} that is not considered 
art anymore these days) and after some years of philosophy I got into 
car mechanics: telling you my dear friends this is real problematics 
and real people, also - after abandoning either disciplinary chopped up 
spare rib art and doing media art once in a while - I consider myself 
very real oh please clarify, esp. the problematics ...

> about curating exhibitions in dance clubs: my first exhibition in a 
> physical space (before it was mostly on the net) was a gaming room 
> (playtime-villette numérique 2002) which was open during the day 
> inside a new media festival exhibition and at night, the exhibit was 
> also open
commercial spaces you mean? nice how these arts are totally fitting in 
into economical spaces, and very uplifting for the nonprofit sector, 
thought you were talking about real people, but then you only mention 
club owners, waiters, clubbers and gamers up to now, yes yes more 
people come once in a while but that tis for entertainment? ah, please 
clarify, esp, what makes nights more interesting than daylight output 
... and another thought:: relationship art and entertainment {this list 
can go on about it for a while I have the impression, hoehoe}

> during two nights 10000 party timers had the occasion to discover old 
> games, consoles and computers and also artists websites and 
> installations or videos related to games
apart from the fact that I never understood what bovine competitiveness 
and blunt commercial venues have to do with art exhibitions (only 
entrance fees are the link?) in the first place, does this add a 
qualitative dimension to what we are doing or does it simply justify 
what politicians of all sorts throw out when applications have to be 
refused: 10000 people are good! oh, please clarify, esp, with what you 
mean with "discovery" about games for partying people related to media 
arts ...

> what i prefer in surrealist ideas is the idea of "la rencontre 
> fortuite", this is what i beleive in... and it can't happend in 
> circles that are closed on themselves, this is why it is important 
> again to mix the audiences and look for new kind of participation
but did you hear the boom boom boom boom music that night - you like 
surrealists! now you reveal yourself, but aren't most of them stone 
dead by now {interesting time related issue} of course they were not 
"closed on themselves" haha: name 10 without checking in a wiki or 
google pffff - and more importantly do you really think that a rather 
amorph category of party timers are open minded more than a rather 
indefinite bunch of game-maker-artists? so follow-up is needed here: 
did you afterwards check whether the game makers were added to the 
party timers and vice versa? if the attendance to both categories did 
not change over the years, and if we cannot make a difference with 
party timers game makers and the upgrading issue : more understanding 
of media arts (in which games take up a very particular but ltd {hihi} 
space) and at the same time some deeper qualitative appreciation of 
parties for media artists [we can go together to check out, what venues 
do you suggest?]

oops now I acted really out of proportion, damn and it is not personal 
because I believe that really nice crossovers can happen but not by 
supporting neoliberal art in capitalist clubs like all pop (of any 
discipline) basically is, including all tendencies towards that ... ah, 
just thought curators cared more about creativity, socio-political 
issues and content in a way

oh now I am really disappointed with this list! someone out there to 
rescue me??? boohooooo

		gívan belá

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