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Just a critical note on something that stayed on  my mind after I wrote my
last reply.  I quote below,

On 4/16/06 12:20 PM, "Paul D. Miller" <anansi1 at earthlink.net> wrote:
> The curators in the artworld have no idea about how to deal with this, and the
> digital media scene in terms of the real practice of multi-culturalism, needs
> some serious work as well.

One thing I would say about this is that the statement has a certain
assumption about curators in the artworld.  Given that I was proposed as an
example by Paul, I would like to clarify two things.

1. people who hold positions in cultural institutions today may have an
intimate background in their professional focus. They don¹t just pop out of
the ether to fulfill their positions as though they were replicants from
Blade Runner ready to serve their masters.
2. There appears to be a subtle statement for a necessity of ³cultural
insiderism,² (as Paul  Gilroy would say), if one is to make statements on
specific histories.

I should clarify here that I do believe that many  people currently active
in academic institutions (including myself‹not a curator but artist/writer)
have been part of the histories they focus on as these developed.  This is
not to justify my position, but to explain that the real problem is  that
there might be some resistance according to the traditional avant-garde
model  (or should we say neo-avant-garde) in the statement above to claim
that the institutions ³cannot get it.²  This position ³goes back, way back,
back into time²‹hit me! aahhh!--fresh, at least 150 years.


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