[iDC] Atoms, Bits, and Ubiquity

Saul Ostrow sostrow at gate.cia.edu
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and I wonder how it effects or effaces our collective sense of Self - or do we believe
this is fixed and does not have to be accounted for in our vision of interacting with
the material world

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> What I wonder is:
> How does this mesh of communications networks affect our sense of an
> evergent/cybrid architecture (physical/information)?
> How does it affect our social structures, grouping, socioeconomic
> strata?
> How does the evolving physical/informatic 'city' change the way we
> create, dialogue, and collaborate?
> I realize that some of this is already discussed by Mitchell, but I want
> to bring some of this up again to bring our viewpoints in line with this
> move from the screen into space.
> I hope this meets with some of your interests.
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