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Trebor Scholz trebor at thing.net
Fri Aug 4 07:45:39 EDT 2006

iDC Meeting @ ISEA  Digest #6: Details


Trebor Scholz <trebor at thing.net>

Dear all,

As ISEA approaches, we need to lock in the date, time, & location of our
iDC meeting. These are the final details:

Thursday 08/10, 8pm

Parkside Courtyard entry to the Symposium 

Parkside Hall
180 W San Carlos St
San Jose, CA 95113


Handing out iDC stickers sounds a bit arduous but if you have a yellow
dot- just stick it on your ISEA badge. At 7pm I¹ll just hold up an iDC
sign so that we can find each other.   

I¹d like to discuss the next iDC publication and further events. 

This would also be a good opportunity to talk more about the
Architecture & Situated Technologies Symposium. 


Mark Shepard <mshepard at andinc.org>

Thursday is good!

Friday, Janet Abrams is doing the ELSE/WHERE: MAPPING reception...

Bars in San Jose are weak, from my short experience there, although  
the Loft Bar and Bistro is not bad - it has a roof terrace and tables  
outside on the sidewalk

Loft Bar & Bistro
90 S. 2nd Street


Elizabeth Goodman <egoodman at confectious.net>

How about the interactive cafe space at the San Jose Museum? It's 
open until 10pm and I have it on good authority that there is space 
for a gathering and it will be bar-like in the evening...


John Hopkins <jhopkins at neoscenes.net> 

Hi all -- I was just talking to Adam (Hyde) on the phone night before 
last -- and the incoming streaming project as part of ISEA is a 
bigger success than anyone expected -- so he is slammed with work, 
and the room he has for screening all incoming things is booked 
pretty solid with streams for the full four days -- not sure if there 
is time in the schedule to fit us in as an event.  Of course, people 
can come and go in the room, that's the point, but I'm thinking that 
maybe we can find a restaurant or other space.

Meal time seems an obvious choice for meeting -- as nobody misses a 
scheduled event.  And maybe discussions are more serious with 
libations to lubricate them ;-))  So, why not lock in 8 PM Thursday 
-- what about meeting in one of the rooms available, then simply 
walking to a restaurant?  My sister has suggestions, but maybe it 
doesn't make sense to pick something particular until being on the 
ground there...

I asked Joel for a room location and name.

>We'd need to be able to identify each

I was hoping Trebor would make some nice little stick-on labels with 
the iDC logo on them -- or, what about bringing small fluorescent 
orange circles to stick on people's ISEA tags as you meet them Trebor?

Those would be my suggestions...

Looking forward!

John Hopkins <jhopkins at neoscenes.net> 

Hallo all!

Joel tells me that since the ISEA venue is a union house, it's closed 
before 8 PM on Thursday -- he recommends that a good meeting point is 
the Parkside Courtyard entry to the Symposium -- there is an outdoor 
lounge and it is a convenient place to gather...

How does that sound?

I'm heading to the Bay area later today (with time for an over-night 
sleep on the ground in the middle of the Mojave Desert tonight, 

Looking forward! -- oh, say, Trebor -- since you probably know more 
folks f2f on the list, can we delegate you to bring some secret 
identifying stickers to put on our isea name-badges and begin to 
distribute them to folks as you see them?


Ricardo Dominguez <rdom at thing.net>

Hola all,

Here is a beta tranvergence project by Diane Ludin and I...to be
presented at ISEA. Which may fall into the atom-tech of the emerging
Matter Market and some aspect that Omar has brought up.

What is Particle Capitalism?

We are no longer under the sign of natural selection, artificial
selection or even informatic selection —we are now under the force of
particle selection.
Everything on the planet, from indigenous aromas to public spaces to our
atoms, is now forced to march into the Intellectual Property filters of
globalization. The neoliberal matrix that started to emerge fully in the
90’s has played itself out on three stages: digital/Virtual Capitalism,
genetic/Clone Capitalism and nanotechnology/Particle Capitalism. Each of
these stages of technocapital are being integrated via a new “deep
harmonization” of the global Intellectual Property agenda: copyright
laws, trademark laws and patent laws. A process that starts in the
research chambers and ends in ownership enclosures, from patenting
technology to patenting life, from patenting information to
patenting atom-based reality.



Nanofabric is the new black in fashion apparel and accessories.
-Hugo Boss, 2005

Patenting particles makes everyone smile around here.
-Harris & Harris Group (Nasdaq:TINY), Sep. 21, 2005

Invitation to Participate On:

By Diane Ludin and Ricardo Dominguez
(In Collaboration with artists Caleb Waldorf, Tristan Shone and micro).


A Transvergence Beta Project For:

ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge &
the Thirteenth International Symposium of Electronic Art
(ISEA2006) AUGUST 7-13, 2006



We are writing to invite you to collaborate with us on our new project
*Particles of Interest: Tales from the Matter Market*

We are interested to having your voice be part of a global chorus
defining the emerging *Matter Market* and nanoculture that is now
overtaking genetic and digital economies.

We are creating an off-line/on-line installation of personal meditations
from around the world that will allow visitors to encounter this global
chorus on nanotechnology, culture, and property.

On-line Blog: http://pitmm.net/ or http://pitmm.info


We ask that you contribute your meditations, visions, videos,
audio,critiques, and rants on one or more of the following themes.


Find a patent that involves an aspect of nanotechnology that you are
most interested in. After determining the patent you want to work with,
take an aspect of the patent that is clearest and or most understandable
to you, and write a paragraph-long tale that in some way makes concrete
an aspect of the patent you have chosen.

Keep the patent number and the name/names of whom the patent has been
awarded to.

Then email your trans_patent text to us:

Dr.Ludin at pitmm.info or Dr.Dominguez at pitmm.net

Find Nanotechnology Driven Patents here:


B) DEFINE *PARTICLE CAPITALISM*: how is it different from other forms of
previous Capitalisms? How does it function in relation to nanoculture
and patents?

C) CHOSE A SEGMENT OF AN EPIC POEM and change the roles of the
characters and their interactions with God and Omniscient powers within
the poem.

We find that Science and Corporations have become our new religion, a
new version of omniscient power in our culture (especially when
determining the type of exploration and science that we develop as a
culture); and, epic poetry is a means to argue as much in an
underutilized cultural format.

You can find examples of each of these gestures at:

http://pitmm.net or http://pitmm.info


Thank you for your time and, we hope, your interest. Do email us your
*Tale of the Matter Market* between the 7th and 13th of August 2006 – as
well as, before and beyond these dates.

Diane Ludin and Ricardo Dominguez

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