[iDC] Re: iDC Digest, Vol 22, Issue 12

Saul Ostrow sostrow at gate.cia.edu
Wed Aug 16 22:10:02 EDT 2006

I'm sorry - but this  thread is getting to0 mechanistic (instrumental)and too
topological - what role does agency play in this - how might we order technology rather
than having it order our possibilities? thisis a question that does not get asked often
because the claim is that we and technology are always already circumscribed by
capitalist commodification - which appears to me to be an essentialist argument leaving
little or no room for creativity or idealism - but merely an over determined reactive logic

As you know I'm interested in Model Building - and when debunking recieved truths - in
this case this means not just using ezxisting techologies to
some progressive end - photographs of battered demonstrators are no different than
birthday photos- they both exist as a priori models and    both have assigned sense -
the reason capital is successful is because its supplies us with these
models - even those that teach us how to oppose it and if not they appropriate them --
thisis the reason the situationist believed that when others followed their example they
had failed 

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