[iDC] Re: Interactive City: irrelevant mobile entertainment?

Steve Dietz stevedietz at yproductions.com
Wed Aug 23 11:39:43 EDT 2006

Kevin and everyone,

On 8/23/06 12:57 AM, "Kevin Hamilton" <kham at uiuc.edu> wrote:

> This thread has already taken us to some places other than a critique of
> ISEA/ZeroOne. The questions raised here, even spurred by that ambitious
> effort, relate to a great deal of other situations discussed on IDC.
> That is, a discussion of the successful and failed attempts at discourse
> in San Jose is relevant to critiques of participation in a lot of other
> media, forms and instances. So I don't think the criticisms voiced here
> have to be understood as an evaluation of the efforts of the ISEA
> organizers. As kanarinka originally proposed this thread, she was
> curious to think through her own practice using San Jose as an example.

Yes, totally agree. The issues are far bigger than ISEA2006/ZeroOne AND
ISEA2006/ZeroOne is a useful example to be critical of and reflective on. I
remain somewhat perplexed, conceptually, about the issues of multiple
audiences, which I think your important comments about the
flaws/possibilities of the ³People¹s Choice² voting system also seem to play
out,  (I wouldn¹t use it anyway, etc.) and very much appreciate in this
regard your formulation:

> What is the role of criticism? Barring actual violence, does a less
> inclusive or truly participatory space continue and improve through
> lively critique after the fact? If small-scale and/or long-term efforts
> are better at supporting involvement, collective production, critique,
> then what do we do with the impatient sites of spectacle and high
> capital? Just leave them alone? I hope not.



Steve Dietz
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