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Hi Michael et all -

Indeed, it would be enriching to have all of their participation as well numerous others who could add not only an historical perspective, but some representation of differing analyses of what took place at ISEA.  

In the interim, I would appreciate hearing yours, as not only a Board member of ZeroOne, but one that may have well been at Ars #1 in 1979 ( a bit before my time.)  Certainly, you have been around the Silican Valley during the last twenty years and, I can only assume, could offer some insight in that regard - which would be much appreciated.



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>As the ZeroOne board member who originally proposed ISEA, the question I
>care about most is ³compared to what?² Some of the seasoned veterans spotted
>at the festival were Joan Shigekawa, Roger Malina, Gerfried Stocker, Nina
>Czegledy, Peter Richards, and Ann Hatch. Maybe there were even folks who
>were at Ars #1 in 1979. I¹d like to hear from them. This discussion would
>benefit greatly if it were more grounded in such experience and perspective.

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