[iDC] The Lure of Internet2

Rob van Kranenburg kranenbu at xs4all.nl
Sat Feb 18 06:36:48 EST 2006


This is my first post too. But yes I too wonder about what's  
interesting abount internet 2 or 3, as

It is now official. The ITU Internet Reports 2005: The Internet of  
Things claims:

  “…the next step in "always on" communications, in which new  
technologies like RFID and smart computing promise a world of  
networked and interconnected devices that provide relevant content  
and information whatever the location of the user. Everything from  
tires to toothbrushes will be in communications range, heralding the  
dawn of a new era, one in which today’s Internet (of data and people)  
gives way to tomorrow’s Internet of Things […]. We are heading  
towards what can be termed a “ubiquitous network society”, one in  
which networks and networked devices are omnipresent. […] The use of  
electronic tags (e.g. RFID) and sensors will serve to extend the  
communication and monitoring potential of the network of networks, as  
will the introduction of computing power in everyday items such as  
razors, shoes and packaging.’ [1]


maybe this has or is already being discussed here but I think the  
agency of expert users in hobby electronics, wireless, on the one  
hand and the need to be aware of new alliances between hardware,  
software and legislation (rfid protocols, standards) on the other  
hand (Microsoft buying Otto as a safe testbed for RFID and no privacy  
problems) is vital now as we are in a transition period where there  
is space to manoeuvre,

greetings, rob

On Feb 18, 2006, at 12:56 AM, Christian Sandvig wrote:

> Hi this is my first post.  Here is my suggestion:  Let's get  
> excited about something more current.
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