[iDC] The Lure of Internet2

J Rabie joe at overmydeadbody.org
Sat Feb 18 11:38:37 EST 2006

All this technology, this mega-internet stuff, the RFID networking of 
things (or more precisely, consumable artifacts), is taking an ever 
more religious turn, that has to with the central morality of our 
times, which is the worship of profit (not to do with that other one, 
and the anachronistic caricatures, and that wierd notion of "freedom of 
speech" whose only eventual immortality is to be found in its 
submission to market forces).

More and more, indvidual and collective worth is measured against the 
capacity of each entity to return value to the investors that 
engendered them. It is the Margaret Thatcher morality, she is the 
prophet of our times.


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