[iDC] Ars Electronica

John Hopkins jhopkins at neoscenes.net
Thu Jan 19 00:30:38 EST 2006

Hei Trebor

>Ars Electronica sent us  (the iDC list) an invitation to apply for their
>*Digital Communities* Prix Ars Electronica (see below). What do you
>think? Should we follow their invitation? I have a bit of an issue with
>such awards. They have the potential to be quite divisive.  How do you
>*measure/evaluate* a community? What would the  few hundred of us do
>with the price money? There are not really any costs attached to this
>list except all of our volunteer labor. So far, The Thing kindly hosts
>this list for free.  Are Fibreculture or Crumb *better* communities if
>they receive it (which they should!)?

In the end, it means a free return flight to Linz, a hotel room for a 
week, lots of appetizers, a VIP pass to the festival and the ORF 
studio for the awards broadcast, and a line on your CV (and everybody 
else's who might be remotely related to iDC).   Unless there is some 
political backing, I doubt  iDC would be in the money-making trio at 
the top.  If, on the outside chance, iDC would come into cash, then 
give it to a decent charity and use it as a tax write-off.  Nobody 
HAS to take prize money.  Especially a network.  ("Where any view of 
Money exists, Art cannot be carried on, but War only." -- Blake).

It's a pity that the Open-X part of Ars didn't last -- it was an 
interesting venue back in '97 & '98 for distributed network projects. 
It worked pretty well IMHO...

I'm thinking it would be an interesting idea, parallel to the 
application, that a relatively brief text -- an overview/history of 
the project be generated on the list...  so that everyone has an 
understanding on what exactly it is that Ars is attempting to reify 
with an award...

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