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dear adriene

good to see you here.

Since your specflic is set in year 2030, i do feel the need to
respond to this particular year and your vision or our vision of
the future related to network vision in year 2030.

I am here speaking on behalf of the london based collective TAKE2030 
that i co-founded (with Ilze black and Alexei blinov)
  "TAKE2030 operates in parallel net media scheme and shifts social 
network mission into hypermedia playing fields. "

since there has also been so much pping on the rich and rich not, i would also
like to refer the year 2030 to Katzakhstan2030

Nursultan Nazarbayev, in his president's speech (year 2000, total 
word count: 18543) to Kazakhstan people, detailed 
dreams/desire/expectation for his country in developing, taking up 
Taiwan, Korea as example of economic success.
"I, for my part, am sure that by the year of 2030 Kazakhstan would 
have become a Central-Asian Snow Leopard and would serve a fine 
example to be followed by other developing countries. Tigers are not 
found in Kazakhstan while the Show Leopard inhabiting our mountains 
is but a stranger in the wold community. Though a relation to the 
Tiger in the animal kingdom, Snow Leopard bears some substantial 
distinctions therefrom. It will be virtually a Kazakhstani Snow 
Leopard with inherent elitarianism, sense of independence, 
intelligence, courage and nobleness, bravery and cunning. It will 
never be the first to attack anyone, ever prone to avoiding direct 

Situated in wireless London initiative (whether by greater desire of 
the metropolitan administration or by Arts Council England), TAKE2030 
adopted a post-netcrash scenario with wireless bandwidth upheld by 
freenetworkers. Parallel net scheme would involve building from the 
ashes of the crashes, in sync with network DIY and opensource 
practice. Our current prject
PORTA2030 further sets out toward a portable, responsible and 
sustainable porta-net. In april 2006, we took up Broadway Market
(a 100m strip of commercial and residential zone in East London) that 
is undergoing regeneration makeover as a site to dispatch our 

Here, i am more interested to consider the 'backbone' construct for exercising
public engagement mobile project, the upper dimension of the 
urbanscape, the spectrum of our air waves put into social network 
application, and as performative spectacle!  yes, here we have it, 
the gadgets and the specs!

On the idea of future library, i also can not help to mention Fahrenheit 451,
the dystopian future of banned book and its burning squads. I am wondering
if a spectacle of 'multi' mobile media library could be the more brighter
future for 2030??

refering to your vision on specflic.net
"A proliferation of digital recording devices are leading us to a 
place where privacy will evaporate without any parallel efforts from 
the State - a community armed with compact, wirelessly-connected 
recording devices will record and police itself far better than any 
government could have hoped to. "

do we help to build this sousveillance vision at the end?
as in the texas border patrol, send in your mobile images if
you see an alien crossing??

for now
hope to connect...


>Hello all,
>I have been enjoying this list for awhile, but often too caught up 
>in other things to jump in on the discussions. But the list has 
>opened up a number of issues around which I am concerned and trying 
>to work with as an artist.
>My current project SPECFLIC, is a form I'm calling "speculative 
>distributed cinema" (also, starting to call it distracted cinema) 
>and is an attempt to experiment with many of the questions it seems 
>your workshop is posing. I'm attempting to create layers or zones of 
>a story experience using a combination of cinematic projections, 
>live performance, cell phone interaction, radio, and public 
>architectures. Each version is held in a new public architectural 
>space & has a new story that eminates from that encounter. The 
>current version will be launched August 9 at the San Jose Public 
>Libraruy as part of ISEA06 and the Zero1 San Jose festival. Here is 
>a link to a short description
>I'm looking forward to the discussions that occur on the list, and 
>will try & find time to contribute my own experiences thus far (the 
>1.0 version occurred in Oct 2005) where appropriate.
>Adriene Jenik
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