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fantastic - I did not know of this work & find it uncanny that we've 
circled around the same year. Thank you for the links & continued inspiration.

>On the idea of future library, i also can not help to mention Fahrenheit 451,
>the dystopian future of banned book and its burning squads. I am wondering
>if a spectacle of 'multi' mobile media library could be the more brighter
>future for 2030??

as many writers and scholars of the DRM and current "net neutrality" 
battles have pointed out, access and control to these resources in a 
digital environment is a current (and ongoing) struggle. In many 
ways, it seems that developing countries take library/information 
access for granted, anecdotally - my students now rarely use the 
library for their research, and their reading habits have changed 
dramatically. It is these tendencies combined with the library 
proposals for more precisely controlled (tiers) of access to digital 
content and the very indifferent attitude many folks (in the US at 
least) take toward privacy protection, that make for a less 
optimistic speculative scenario.

I always feel immensely hopeful about human resourcefulness & 
resistance. In the end I know there will be micro solutions to the 
macro controls enabled in the name of efficiency and convenience.  As 
usual, the project SPECFLIC, finds me working through a few of the 
many questions & contradictions that continue to plague me about the 
media forms in which I create.

I've appreciated greatly seeing that others on this list share many 
of these same issues.


>refering to your vision on specflic.net
>"A proliferation of digital recording devices are leading us to a 
>place where privacy will evaporate without any parallel efforts from 
>the State - a community armed with compact, wirelessly-connected 
>recording devices will record and police itself far better than any 
>government could have hoped to. "
>do we help to build this sousveillance vision at the end?
>as in the texas border patrol, send in your mobile images if
>you see an alien crossing??
>for now
>hope to connect...
>>Hello all,
>>I have been enjoying this list for awhile, but often too caught up 
>>in other things to jump in on the discussions. But the list has 
>>opened up a number of issues around which I am concerned and trying 
>>to work with as an artist.
>>My current project SPECFLIC, is a form I'm calling "speculative 
>>distributed cinema" (also, starting to call it distracted cinema) 
>>and is an attempt to experiment with many of the questions it seems 
>>your workshop is posing. I'm attempting to create layers or zones 
>>of a story experience using a combination of cinematic projections, 
>>live performance, cell phone interaction, radio, and public 
>>architectures. Each version is held in a new public architectural 
>>space & has a new story that eminates from that encounter. The 
>>current version will be launched August 9 at the San Jose Public 
>>Libraruy as part of ISEA06 and the Zero1 San Jose festival. Here is 
>>a link to a short description
>>I'm looking forward to the discussions that occur on the list, and 
>>will try & find time to contribute my own experiences thus far (the 
>>1.0 version occurred in Oct 2005) where appropriate.
>>Adriene Jenik
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