[iDC] on participation.....

shu lea cheang shulea at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 13 21:41:24 EDT 2006

yo,  good way to get all the lurking females out of the tubs and burgs.

but this starts sounding like women on the edge of breaking out..
and i would need to take a dive.  i am loosing it.
  i can no longer tell if it's retro revival of unfinished talks
or it's simply timely.

All points taken.
too many yummy bodies here. butt me.
well, yes, spit it out. we need commotion.
i can rule out myself.

but, yes,  women are doers. we work the fields.
yes, they send women out to deal with community and ethnicity, even in the
media high art front...
theory we can swallow. but it seems several attempts by posters
to lead the discussion more on artistic practice were sidetracked???

artists' posting is easily read as self-promotion.
i see these artistic project postings can be a call to
raise discussions about the projects. My sincere worry is
that there is not developed a critique about public sphere
projects. Personally my group take2030 is debating our funder
(Arts Council england) on how we justify our public serving? blabla--
you know the lines. We are now obliged to hold a public review
session on media art and public sphere... yeah, and the community.

So, is it possible to establish some case study here?
can we merge theorists with practitioners?
cross reference of art projects to find some threads of our engagements?
read me?


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