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Erik Sundelof erik at inthefieldonline.net
Fri Jul 28 12:10:20 EDT 2006

Hi all,
I got an invitation from Trebor Schultz. Thanks for that!
He forwarded an email from John Hopkins. 
"On one level, sounds great; on another, sounds like "Great White Father"
(see http://itf.typepad.com/about.html
<javascript:ol('http://itf.typepad.com/about.html');> ) gives virtual tools
from a far to fighting children to assuage their misery -- what is the use
of a virtual tool when bombs are raining down in meatspace?
I'm suspicious of the raw use of the term "voices being heard." After Eric
Sundelof listens, what does he do then?"
A virtual tool is very, very small in comparison to bomb rains. However it
is something that might help people to digest and seek answers. I am not
naïve and this is not a simple task. Why ask only what I am doing afterward
their voices are heard? Why not start to ask what we ALL are doing? Right?
You should read this blog entry by me to see what I mean as it is a topic
larger than suited for an email.
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