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royston martin rdm at aber.ac.uk
Mon Jul 31 18:56:23 EDT 2006

It is good news that over time we used technology and not just brute force
to help mediate our sense of morality.
The Mesopotamians used clay, and the early Egyptians papyrus to lay down
their laws. Historically there has been no shortage of the stuff, hardware
I mean - clay, bamboo, cave walls, mud, silicon and so on. It's the
software , the alphabet, the words - which have proved a challenge.
If Erik wants free calls for all, then let's applaud it. If he's talking
about dumping more nokia, erricson, seimans, and motorola toxic clay into
the pit then let's be honest and play it from where it lies. Free hardware
is ok but bandwidth and words really count.

Royston Martin

Director of Media


>>On MO Pocket Justin Obeman writes:
>>"With the unfortunate events that are occurring presently in the Middle
>>East I thought it would be good time to bring to your attention a little
> ...snip...
>>extensible. As such one can basically push any piece of information -
>>text, audio, graphic, picture, video from any cell phone to the web. It
>>is the natural extension to citizen journalism as it creates the vehicle
>>for people without internet to be able to get their voices heard on the
> On one level, sounds great; on another, sounds like "Great White
> Father" (see http://itf.typepad.com/about.html) gives virtual tools
> from afar to fighting children to assuage their misery -- what is the
> use of a virtual tool when bombs are raining down in meatspace?
> I'm suspicious of the raw use of the term "voices being heard."
> After Eric Sundelof listens, what does he do then?
> John
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