[iDC] ISEA Meeting Digest

trebor at thing.net trebor at thing.net
Fri Jul 28 14:08:13 EDT 2006

ISEA Meeting Digest


John Hopkins:

I had floated the idea of facilitating a nettime get-together at
ISEA, but the invite was moderated out of the list twice, so, enough
of that -- but I had made some preliminary arrangements with Joel
Slayton and Adam Hyde at ISEA -- Joel for a space, and Adam Hyde who
is in charge of incoming stream and connections for ISEA...  There is
a breakout room, and also the room that Adam is setting up in that we
could possibly use...  If this sounds interesting (Trebor?) let me
know and I can follow up on the plans I had already started...



Kevin Hamilton:

You can count me in - Trebor and I are on the same panel, so that's easy

Kevin Hamilton


Trebor Scholz:

Great idea, John.

I really do not want any sense of competitiveness with <nettime>.
(I'm not into social list Darwinism). So, if we can do this without taking away
an opportunity from <nettime> folks to get together, then sure-- fabulous.

Any ideas for a topical focus or should just meet and take it from there?

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