[iDC] ISEA Meeting Digest #2

trebor at thing.net trebor at thing.net
Fri Jul 28 15:40:13 EDT 2006

Joel Slayton <joel at well.com>:

We are in the 200 hour crunch of preparing for ISEA2006/ZeroOne San

No problem in designating a room and time.  The convention center has
a room we can schedule. Its a short walk from the main venue.   Let
me know.  Adam has a pretty full program so although that is a
possibility it may be a tight fit. You can talk with him to see if he

can accommodate.  If so that would be good and more central.  Let me
know how you want to proceed. I am sure we can work something out.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.  <01sj.org>


Adriene Jenik <ajenik at ucsd.edu>

sounds good to me - there is a faces drink/meet
scheduled for 6pm on thurs, & would be good for
me & some other women I bet if they were not
scheduled at the same time...maybe have it a
little later? or the next day - Friday?


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