[iDC] iDC Meeting @ ISEA Digest #5

Trebor Scholz trebor at thing.net
Mon Jul 31 22:14:33 EDT 2006

iDC Meeting @ ISEA Digest #5

Trebor <trebor at thing.net>

Dear all,
I suggest that we meet on Thursday at 8pm.
Does that work for most people? 
Perhaps a bar is a better meeting place than a 
conference room? 

We¹d need to be able to identify each 

John, what do you suggest?

Franck Ancel <info at franck-ancel.com>

Hello All,
If some people on IDC want to speak french (with me), 
I will be in ISEA from 7 to 10 August for:
(And from 3 to 5 August in NY for other...)
Best, Franck A - Paris - 

Giselle Beiguelman <desvirtual at gmail.com>

What do you think about Tuesday, 8, after the PigeonBlog performance (

Jo van der Spek  <jo at xs4all.nl>

since Adam seems to be awfully busy, well at least to 
respond to my query,

I'd like you to know that streamtime.org is 
planning to dedicate part of its ISEA re:mote 
slot (Saturday 12th from 10-12 p.m., Amsterdam time)
to a Global WebCast focused on Beirut.

Shu Lea Cheang <shulea at earthlink.net>

... meanwhile, if you are making listing. 
this is my work at ISEA, SJ


Baby Love, 2005
Shu Lea Cheang

special art project
ZeroOne ISEA2006 San Jose, August 8-13, 2006

Venue: San Jose City Hall Rotunda

Baby Love is a participatory installation that consists of 6 
autonomously mobile teacups with 6 clone babies. The teacups are 
modeled after spinning carnival rides, except that the soundtrack of 
love songs can be uploaded by public via the web at 
<http://babylove.biz>http://babylove.biz and directly to the teacups, 
where they are coded as ME (memory and emotion) data for the clone 
babies. By taking a teacup ride with the babies, the ME data is 
retrieved, jumbled and eventually crashes. Baby Love situates human 
and baby clone riders in a perpetual spin of the familiar fairground 
with contemporary remix pop culture.

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