[iDC] Magic Rules

Rob van Kranenburg kranenbu at xs4all.nl
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i really don't believe this; the minute we go into a land where  
resonance not interaction is key, people seem to find it necessary to  
keep hammering on a kind of 19th century logic, how afraid they are  
of all things in between, let alone poetry. well it is amusing, that  
it is. Magic rules, rob

On 09 Oct 2006, at 12:06, Gere, Charlie wrote:

> Thanks for a great post and article. The link below leads to a piece
> from the Observer newspaper in the UK last Sunday, which is an excerpt
> from Steven Levy's new book. It seems to illustrate just what Bruce  
> and
> Jef Raskin are saying
> http://arts.guardian.co.uk/features/story/0,,1889423,00.html
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