[iDC] Intro: Eric Paulos

Eric Paulos eric at paulos.net
Mon Oct 9 15:29:08 EDT 2006

Yet another intro.  Very much looking forward to seeing some old  
friends in NYC as well as meeting new ones.  I'm Eric Paulos a  
research scientist at Intel Research in Berkeley.  This is an open  
collaboration lab that allows me to share our work opening as well as  
collaborate with others.  In fact I've started some joint work  
recently with Anthony Burke who is on the Architecture faculty at UC  
Berkeley.  We're teaching an Urban Computing class together this  


Currently, I direct Intel's Urban Atmospheres group which is  
challenged to explore the intersection or urban life and  
technological landscapes.  Much of the work is online here ... but  
I'll be brining some of our latest fresh ideas out to NY to throw  
into the mix....


I just wrapped up my role as Program Chair for the Interactive City  
at ISEA:


and running a two-day Interactive City Summit:


and a great workshop about the Ex-Urban Noir at UbiComp 2006 in  
Orange County ... yes the O.C.


Here's a quick list of selected projects:

Jabrwocky -- visualizing our urban familiar strangers
Matchbooks -- ephemeral anonymous interactions about feelings of  
urban love and hate
Sashay -- visualizing personal patterns across the invisible  
geography of mobile phone towers
180x120 -- RFID tags and tessellated surface generate visualizations  
of group dynamics
Jetsam -- exposing traces of urban inhabitants through ubiquitous  
urban public trashcans
Hullabaloo -- new urban objects to expose dynamic new sonic  
experiences that reflect the verve or people nearby

and ... the new work on

Objects of Wonderment which I'll have more to show at the symposium

Looking forward...


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