[iDC] reading list

Ryan Griffis ryan.griffis at gmail.com
Tue Sep 5 13:29:17 EDT 2006

Lots of new and familiar lists here...
some fiction that i've been really influenced by lately, just trying  
to get caught up on my feminist sci-fi, is Octavia Butler's _Parable  
of the Sower_ and Exogenesis trilogy. (i know, i'm really, really  
Of course there's all kinds of great theory coming out  (and already  
out for a while), much of which has been listed here... but i have  
gotten quite a bit from Butler's imaginative interpretation of a  
"long emergency" imbedded in the racialized and gendered spaces we  
already inhabit. It's no wonder Mike Davis mentions her work in the  
_Ecology of Fear_. And with the discussion of poetics (thanks to the  
Raqs folks) coming up on empyre, her insinuation of the aesthetic is  
extremely interesting to me.
Anything recent by Bruno Latour is also at the top of my list (if you  
don't get any books, just check out what he has online

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