[iDC] Re: Interactive City: irrelevant mobile entertainment?

mafox mafox at foxlin.com
Tue Sep 5 18:56:27 EDT 2006

Just an introduction: I keep thinking that I will have a little time to
write something meaningful but it will never happen.  I am now about 70% in
architectural practice and 40% in academia and miss my family and sleep, yet
I do keep filtering though these mails and it is the only list I still
subscribe to.  I mostly cling to the mails by Omar and Usman that seem to
deal with the physical and tangible aspects of situated technologies.  

I founded the MIT Kinetic design group many moons ago that dealt
specifically with Responsive Environments (it is now dead - and I relocated
to Los Angeles) That time was really interesting because although the
intellectual foundations were quite old it seemed to pioneer both
technological and economical feasibility.  I have become very practical
since then:  in that through building numerous full-scale environments in
teaching and practice seems to give vast amounts of real knowledge of how
users may eventually appreciate and pay for such environments.  Well, I
actually did get out a fairly long introductory email! A few links: 

The very large-scale responsive environment that will open in two weeks: 

The MIT Kinetic Design Group _ retired because I am in LA: 

Robotecture: My teaching, and prototyping of responsive environments at many

My office: Focused on Interactive architecture and sustainability (research

Hope to meet some of you in NY in October. 

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