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iDC_forward_du_jour trebor at thing.net
Fri Sep 29 15:14:20 EDT 2006

Dear all,

IŒve been following the discussion on the list and find it increasingly
interesting ­ Trebor thanks a lot for informing me about it.

Jonah suggested of comparing and relating the ³Architecture and Situated
Technologies² conference with the ³MediaCity² conference at the Bauhaus
University in Weimar, Germany. I can do this as I¹ll be lecturing in the
Weimar conference on ³Hybrid Space / Soft Urbanism².

To shortly introduce myself: I am heading the Department of Hybrid Space
at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne in Germany (www.khm.de). Within our
department,  architects, urbanists, designers and media artists
collaborate with soft- and hardware engineers in the development of
projects for combined analog and digital, urban, architectural, design
and media spaces.

The scope of the research and development projects ranges from those on
the urban scale and the scale of the mobility networks to architectural
interiors and 1:1 industrial design applications and wearables. A recent
work, an audio lounge, is on show at the Talking Cities /ENTRY2006
exhibition at the World Heritage Zeche Zollverein in Essen, see:

Our research work is focused on ³the use of space in the
information/communication age², see think tank of the Dutch government

I am planning of joining the ³Architecture and Situated Technologies²
conference, but not yet sure if I can make it as on the 18-10-06 I have
an exhibition opening in Germany.

Frans Vogelaar

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