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Barbara Lattanzi threads at wildernesspuppets.net
Wed Aug 22 16:08:27 UTC 2007

Greetings all.

A couple of days away from this topic. However, I want to put out a few 
lists based on hypothetical categories.

FYI from my previous posts to iDC, a curatorial selection in this 
experiment - a list of film, video and new media works for collective 
viewing - is less based on dominant categorical similarities of a 
"theme", but on productive dissimilarities or unusual associations.


TAG:  (Un)Natural Histories

Matt McCormick, "American Nutria" (2003)
Jim Trainor, "The Bats" (1998)
Steina, "Lilith" (1987)
Stan Brakhage, "Mothlight" (1963)
Winsor McCay, "How a Mosquito Operates" (1912)
Jim Trainor, "Moschops" (1999)
Animal Charm, "Il Mouille" (circa 2000)


TAG:  Exorcism

Ximenas Cuevas, "El Diablo en la piel (The Devil in the Flesh)" (1998)
Marisa Olson, "Black or White" (2006)
Sachiko Hayashi, "Boop-oop-a-doop" (2004)
Mike Kelley and Paul McCarthy, "Heidi" (1992)


TAGs:  Projection, Transference, Force-at-a-Distance

Joseph Cornell, "Jack's Dream" (1930, completed 1970 by Larry Jordan)
Miranda July, "How I Learned to Float" (circa 2000)
Ken Feingold, "Un Chien Delicieux" (1991)
NiceDisc, "Flicker" (13 min.)
Kristen Lucas, "Involuntary Reception" (circa 2000)
The Yes Men, "WTO" (circa 2005)
Christopher Maclaine, "The End" (1953)


Feel free to modify any of these lists, to share notable lists that you 
have knowlege of, to offer your own list based on some other indexes, etc.


Barbara Lattanzi

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