[iDC] media curating lists as pedagogical, exploratory and speculative texts

Alexis Turner subbies at redheadedstepchild.org
Wed Aug 22 17:16:50 UTC 2007

They are as much middlemen as curators.  Curators are not producing art, they
are producing information about art.  If you want merely to look at art, visit
an artist's studio.  If you want to *know* about art or learn about connections
between different artists, a curator collects those connections for you and
produces a document or collection that can inform.

There are, of course, other ways to learn about art, including building that
wealth of knowledge completely by yourself.  Just as with all the things I have
mentioned below - roads, food, buildings.  The individuals who make those
available for me are "middlemen" insofar as they keep me from having to create
those things myself.  Curators keep me from having to glean all bits of
knowledge myself.

In that regard,the original post which you have unfortunately clipped away was
not correct in referring to the curatorial act as a middle one while failing to
recognize that it produces something new in the process.

On Wed, 22 Aug 2007, J Rabie wrote:

::Le 21 août 07, à 23:45, Alexis Turner a écrit :
::> Personally, I'm quite grateful for a lot of middlemen,
::> including the ones who build my roads and buildings for me, as well as the
::> ones
::> who farm my food for me.
::These you speak of are not "middlemen", they are the producers and providers.
::The problem for the farmers is that to get to you they have to go through
::distributors and supermarkets, who get the biggest cut of the money paid by
::you, the final consumer. They are the "middlemen", and while perhaps they
::cannot be done without - difficult for you to be in contact with all the
::various farmers who produce all your different needs - there is a need to
::reduce the preeminence of their role in the chain, notably in financial terms
::- they get too much, the farmers too little.

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