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Fri Aug 31 06:08:31 UTC 2007

Hi everyone -

Finally I've been fingered. "You Sir," A finger-pointing Stephen
Colbert nailed me on his Colbert Report earlier this month, "you're
just an elitist, Sir." But I fingered him back --  getting the
champion of the "internets" to publicly confess his online naughtiness
habit and his support of the Viacom suit against YouTube.


Stephen Colbert wasn't the only mainstream media journalist to claim
I'm an elitist. "Etes-vous Elitiste?" I was asked by Les Echos, the
French version of the Financial Times. Emily Bell suggested something
similar in a walloping debate on Guardian Unlimited.  But it's the
French who really seem to get CULT. I've even been christened
"l'Antéchrist de la Silicon Valley" by Liberation, the French leftist
daily.	If right and left wing French media are both accusing me of
being an elitist, then I really must be doing something right.
In real life, of course, I'm neither un elitiste nor l'antichrist. 
Want proof? Come and hear me talk in September. I'll be in England and
Germany in the first half of the month, then Canada and Holland in the
last week. I hope you'll be around to catch me in the flesh and get me
to sign a copy of CULT. The schedule is below:

09/04 Royal Society for the Arts, London (6.00 pm)
09/05 Toward a Social Science of Web 2.0, University of York (6.00 pm)
-- in debate with Charles Leadbeater
09/06 Frontline Club, London (7.30 pm) -- introduced by Richard
Sambrooke, director of BBC's Global News
09/07 IJP Alumni Conference, Bonn (noon)
09/07 Watershed Media Center, 25th Anniversary Celebration, Bristol
(7.00 pm)
09/20 J. Walter Thompson's Digital Forum, New York City (3.00 pm)
09/24 Vidfest, Vancouver (10.20 am)
09/27 Crossmedia Picnic, Amsterdam (10.30 am) -- in debate with David

Really hope to see you at one of these events.


l'Antéchrist de la Silicon Valley

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