[iDC] Spammer de la Silicon Valley

Paul B. Hartzog paulbhartzog at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 23:01:38 UTC 2007

> If he decided to spam us all with an irrelevant reminder of the book's
> notoriety, he embodies the very vices he accuses the net at large of
> harboring: mindless attention-grabbing, unwillingness to engage in serious
> dialogue, and even a "theft" of attention parallel to "pirates'" disrepect
> for IP.

Yes, he does.  There is nothing sincere about Keen.

Similarly, all the attention paid to Gorman on many-to-many gave me
the same frustration.  My question to my colleagues was "Why are
people even engaging with this guy?"  These tactics are similar to the
way the U.S. government generated a fictitious debate over global
warming.  If you can get the serious scholars to speak in public about
the other side, then it seems to make that other side more legitimate,
as if their existed a fair debate between two intelligent sides, which
is not the real case at all.

In answer to the original question, the best thing we can do with the
Keen's and the Gorman's is to ignore them.


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