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Kevin Hamilton kham at uiuc.edu
Fri Feb 2 02:01:37 EST 2007


Not everything is complicated, and not every complex problem requires 
the presence of academics in order to be solved.

But surely the ways in which we as individuals and collectives 
contribute on a daily basis to the real problems you and others describe 
require a less simplistic summary than yours in the last post.

I did not question the necessity of discussing our work and worlds on 
the scale introduced by Luis or Brian. I don't think anyone did in this 
thread. If my actions here towards you, Brian or Luis have been received 
as an attempt to silence dissent, then I deserve correction.

I did seek clarification as to the intent of the manner in which Brian 
addressed the (no) subject. He generously addressed this query.

You describe one trajectory when there have been many represented on 
recent threads. Admittedly, when compared to many other contemporary 
trajectories of action and decline, the ones represented on this list 
and in recent discussions begin to resolve themselves into a single 
shade. But I don't think we should let that form the basis of action, or 
dismiss action and inquiry without examining the expressed (and 
unacknowledged) assumptions unique to each effort.

I agree that the problems are deep, that the assessments offered by 
Brian and Luis cogent and real. But I disagree with your broad 
ascription of motivations to the actions of whatever unified group you 
think you are addressing.

Calling attention to overlooked concerns and contexts within earshot of 
privileged conversations is wholly called for, and necessary. Assuming 
and describing complicity and complacency without close reading and 
attention to the specifics of a person's practice, let alone their 
posts, is mis-informed, and counterproductive.


mlahey at artic.edu wrote:
> So, I think that the answer to Kevin's question
>> But since you've framed the problem existentially, I'll put it back to
>> you existentially - can't collective inquiry into the effects of small
>> decisions on the world be more than self-justified indulgence or
>> delusion? 
> Is: Not on our current trajectory, sweetheart.

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