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I have not much to add to the discussion of the last day. I think both main
points are true at the same time. 1) that youth today seem to have much less
of a literate culture; 2) but at the same time, they are much mor
autonomously and collective sharing/building a culture.

So, I'm less pessimistic than Brian. Current generations are less inclined
to fight 'against', and so might seem passive from an activist point of
view, but they are qualitatively differently constructing their lives
autonomously and collectively. They are more distrustful of media and
institutions than we were 30-50 years ago (see edelman trust barometer).

This echoes my own experience when I was in a class of American students
here in Chiang Mai 2 years ago: yes, they knew very little about the 'facts'
of the world (no one new the name of Khadafy, to mention just one), but on
the other hand, the level of sharing, mutual support, and civility was way
beyond my own experience when I was a student.

I have a question to Brian though, something that has bothered me. How would
you define fascism, in your claim that we are descending into fascism? Of
course, I'm not denying that we're experiencing a securization pattern after
9/11, but fascism?


On 1/3/07, john sobol <john at johnsobol.com> wrote:
> A developer friend posted these interesting links on my blog
> today...they are all projects that constructively address the notion of
> Continuous Peripheral Attention and what I find notable is that they
> all do so by moving beyond literate interfaces... worth a look if
> they're unfamiliar to you, as they were to me...
> http://tangible.media.mit.edu/projects/ambientroom/
> http://www.schulzeandwebb.com/2005/cpa/
> http://www.boxesandarrows.com/view/ambient_signifi
> I'm not trying to defend anything here, just adding to the discussion,
> which has been useful, as usual...
> j
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