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This list misses out one key skill or resource - free time. Participatory
culture is hard to get involved with when other things are making major
demands on your time. I would have liked to have participated in this debate
but have simply not had the time to read most of the posts in any detail,
much less respond to any.



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> [When it comes to sharing URLs I find the personal Del.icio.us network in most
> cases more appropriate than mailing lists.
> But given our discussion you might appreciate the below reference to a post
> about the skills for participatory culture
> on the New Media Literacies website. - ts]
> <http://www.projectnml.org/node/308>
> Emerging Skills:
> Play -- a process of exploration and experimentation.
> Performance-- trying on and playing different identities.
> Navigation -- the ability to move across the media landscape in a purposeful
> manner, choosing the media that best serves a specific purpose or need, or
> which might best provide the
> information needed to serve a particular task.
> Resourcefulness -- the ability to identify and capitalize on existing
> resources.
> Networking -- the ability to identify a community of others who share common
> goals and interests.
> Negotiation -- the ability to communicate across differences as you move
> through a multicultural and global media landscape.
> Synthesis -- pulling together information from multiple sources, evaluating
> its reliability and use value, constructing a new picture of the world.
> Sampling -- mastering and transforming existing media content for the purposes
> of self and collective expression.
> Collaboration -- sharing information, pooling knowledge, comparing notes,
> evaluating evidence, and solving large scale problem.
> Teamwork -- the ability to identify specific functions for each member of the
> team based on their expertise and then to interact with the team members in an
> appropriate fashion.
> Judgment -- the ability to make aesthetic and ethical evaluations of media
> practices and to reflect on your own choices and their consequences.
> Discernment -- the ability to assess the accuracy and appropriateness of
> available information.
> These skills each lie at the intersection between the self and others. These
> are cultural skills and not individual skills. The goal is communication and
> participation, not simply
> self-expression, and that requires an understanding of the impact of one's
> ideas on others. Any ethical framework we develop should emerge from this
> understanding that media may have
> been personalized in the early 1990s but it is now collaborative and communal
> in an era of networked and mobile communications technologies.
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