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Mark Tribe mark_tribe at brown.edu
Mon Jan 22 12:04:04 EST 2007

There's a bug in the MediaWiki software that's causing the server  
occasionally to show a search results page. There's a work-around  
(clear the Brown Search cookie from the browser), but it's clumsy.  
Brown's IT people won't fix it because we're moving from MediaWiki to  
Confluence, another wiki platform. I hope to move the Directory from  
MediaWiki to Confluence very soon, at which point I'll put up a  
redirect page to the new wiki.

On Jan 22, 2007, at 10:48 AM, Michael Naimark wrote:

> Hi Trebor and Tiffany, Hi Mark,
> Mark - anything you want to add?
> -M
> Friends,
> Last year, Mark Tribe and I launched a “Wiki Directory of Academic  
> Art and Technology Programs” seeded with an overview I had written  
> the year before for Mark’s Columbia proposal. The intention was to  
> open things up and make an active, useful resource for prospective  
> students, faculty, and others. It currently has 55 entries (it  
> began with 38) and is #1 on Google searches for academic art and  
> technology.
> It’s great to see so much interest and passion around this on IDC.  
> Y’all are encouraged to add entries. http://www.brown.edu/ 
> Departments/MCM/nothing/index.php/ArtAndTechPgms
> Best,
> Michael Naimark
> http://www.naimark.net
> Research Associate Professor, Interactive Media Division
> USC School of Cinematic Arts
> http://interactive.usc.edu

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