[iDC] sharing "new media" curricula/potentials

Richard Lowenberg rl at radlab.com
Sat Jan 27 18:57:25 EST 2007

I've been quietly lurking, and did not expect to offer anything to this
discussion.   I have found the recent media-art-education thread most
interesting.   I am a non-degreed creative worker, long involved with
the tools, processes and cultural questioning, central to the discussions.

It is clear that there are now many higher education centers around the
world, with more facilities and cultural development opportunities on the
horizon.   No one place and group of people can do all that has been
ascribed.   The increasing internetworking of various creative labs, will
be a major element in the platforms of learning and teaching.

One key course of development for higher education programs in the arts,
in working to be relevant and true to their time, place and circumstance,
is to be a local 'living laboratory'.   To increasingly be a place-based
partner in community initiatives (long-term), and to help creatively
reshape the very nature of the university and institutional education in
its local and global context.   Such intentions will provide a good
measure for the impact and implications of the arts (media arts; tech.
and tele. arts; arts and sciences; eco-arts) in our present situation; so
in need of creative interventions.

You all know this, and some of you/us are so involved.
Recent mention of the economy and ecology of our efforts, goes to the
heart of cultural development and vision in a complex, tele-mediated


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