[iDC] (no subject)

Luis Camnitzer camnitzer1 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 13:05:27 EST 2007

We should not forget that schooling was always a tool to tame
citizens. This stacks the odds very much against any strategy that
leads to the untaming of the already tamed. Short of armed revolution,
which traditionally has proven rather problematic and for which I have
lost some of my enthusiasm, there isn't much left beyond persuasion
and chain reaction.  One model we tried in my college when we faced
the toilet drain was to create an underground college within the
college. A small group of faculty in different departments got
together and identified those people and courses we considered not
corrupted. We tried to build these resources into as much of a
curriculum as we could, without telling anybody outside our little
mafia. We then systematically advised our students to pursue this
course of studies. It didn't work on the scale we hoped, mainly
because those good faculty members started leaving the institution,
but the model is sound and maybe helpful.

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