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Sat May 12 12:02:34 EDT 2007

Hi Trebor--------

Amid much reading on this topic during the 70s-80s, I found Frank
Donner's Age of Surveillance, which focuses on the FBI, of perhaps
greatest interest. The extensive infiltration of academia during the 60s
is of particular note.

The anti-war movement served as a domestic "laboratory" for the
development of increasingly sophisticated methods of control. The
successful experiences of US intelligence operatives in infiltrating
anti-war groups (as well as the huge public reaction to events like the
Kent State "massacre") offered models on which the subsequent training
of Latin American police was based. This included the exportation of
propaganda and infiltration techniques and crowd control technologies,
alongside torture methods. 

Generally, as Chomsky comments in The Washington Connection & Third
World Fascism (2), the Viet Nam peace movement "frightened Western elites."


Quoting Trebor <trebor at thing.net>:

> Hi Tony, If not on-list, maybe off-list. How did 60s protests
> specifically aid US military to
> prepare for repressive missions abroad? I mean, it's obvious but I am
> curious about concrete examples...
> Best,
> Trebor
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