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The case of the AHDS is a good one to illustrate this discussion. The AHDS
was successful in part due to the Art and Humantities Research Council
requiring that all electronic resources associated with the outcomes of
research it supported was lodged with the AHDS. This also involved
completing a fiddly form as part of the funding application in the first
place. Many people simply chose to not have an electronic outcome of the
research so as to avoid this extra layer of bureaucracy in the funding
submission and project management process.

Now that the AHRC has suspended the requirement for such material to be
lodged with the AHDS we might see many more people incorporating electronic
resources into their research outcomes. This is ironic, as it would seem the
obligation to archive functioned to deter people producing anything to be



On 17/11/07 03:34, "Craig Bellamy" <txt at craigbellamy.net> wrote:

> Hi all,
> The Arts and Humanities Data Service in the UK has been preserving Arts
> and Humanities data for 11 years now. http://ahds.ac.uk/
> If you search our online catalogue; you might find some answers to some
> of your queries.
> Best,
> Craig
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