[iDC] the free culture game

paolo - molleindustria paolo at molleindustria.it
Wed Sep 17 15:24:23 UTC 2008

we've just released a tiny abstract pretentious game called Free Culture 

It can be considered an experiment of procedural rhetorics, a playable 
theory or an advergame for a Spanish collective called exgae 

The goal is to provide a simplified interactive rendition of theories 
and propositions about knowledge capitalism (es. Negri, Lessing, Wark). 
It's a game you cannot lose. Even if you stop playing the game always 
tend to a dynamic equilibrium between market and Common. The basic 
assumption is that there will never be a complete privatization of 
shared knowledge and without a strong opposition (represented by the 
player's action) the forces of the market will indefinitely exploit the 
innovative ideas emerging from the society.

warning: it's quite hard for non-gamers


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