[iDC] 45 RPM (media history on heavy rotation)

Armin Medosch armin at easynet.co.uk
Thu Aug 13 10:00:59 UTC 2009

Hi IDCers

I have followed the recent discussion here over the past three months or
so with great interest but unfortunately was too busy to jump in as I
had things to do which demanded my undivided attention. One of those
things was writing the text which I post below, the last sections of
which focus on the very same topic. In my humble opinion discourse on
new media has suffered from too much 'idealism' in the broadest meaning,
and also from too much preference on culture as a separate category to
the detriment of study of the political economy of which those new media
phenomena are a part. the recent discussion here has shown that such a
one-sidedness is already in the process of being remedied and I hope my
text will contribute further to that. If you take the time to read you
will also see that this is just an outline, a programmatics more than
the final article. As this is the draft for a contributuion to a print
publication I also had to stick to a word limit so that I had to leave
out a lot. Hope you enjoy 

45 RPM (media history on heavy rotation)


thenextlayer software, art, politics http://www.thenextlayer.org

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