[iDC] A Modest Proposal: Let's get rid of the teachers

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Fri Feb 20 12:10:04 UTC 2009

> From: "Cyrstal Merrie" <cmerriejj at sun.com>
> Date: 20 February 2009 11:14:16 AM
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> Subject: 'BUY a degree - The new way of earning a degree pndsf lnx
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> To buy a degree is quite easy these days. Nevertheless most students  
> just sit around in their usually boring local University classes,  
> wasting money. Why would you do that? These days buying a degree is  
> a matter of personal motivation. But why should you buy a degree?  
> The main reason is the fact that buying a degree on1ine is going to  
> save you time, a lot of time. Usually you have to verify your life  
> experience and you instantly qualify. Even though that is not the  
> main cause why people are buying life experience degree.
> The actual reason why people buy a life experience degree is because  
> they can not go to a institution in their surrounding area that  
> offers the diploma program they are heading for: For example, if you  
> live near a College which only offers renowned marketing degree,  
> then this doesn't help you a bit if you're looking for a marketing  
> degree. To attend classes you might have to travel long distances.  
> Then it might be that the degree that you want is only offered by a  
> institution which costs a fortune. So you have to leave your place,  
> look for accommodation in the University's place and do all the  
> other stuff involved costing you tons of cheeze.
> If you buy a degree by verifying your life experience or work  
> experience, you can find the right degree for you without ever  
> having to leave your workplace and instead get all the documents  
> like the diploma certificate with the University's legal  
> verification and official seal certifying the degree chosen, the  
> transcript, a cover letter, copies of the College's or University's  
> official certificate of accreditation, the institutions postal  
> prospectus approval and a few important things more.
> Having a University degree is very important these days, and as  
> always in life you should only stick with something you want.
> Beware choosing to be something just because it was the only good  
> degree your local institution offered. After all, you are only going  
> to be good at your job if you like to do it. Thus, you have to get a  
> degree that means something to
> you. This used to be a task that could take you years.
> Buying a degree is nothing harmful. It's a win-win situation for the  
> Colleges involved as well as for you, getting the degree you dreamed  
> of.Give us a call if you are interested to buy a degree from an  
> University!
> If you are interested to obtain your own degree, please give us a  
> call at
>    1.718.9895.740 (INSIDE USA)
>   +1.718.9895.740 (OUTSIDE USA)

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