[iDC] iDC Digest, Vol 55, Issue 31

John Hopkins jhopkins at tech-no-mad.net
Thu Jul 16 20:07:25 UTC 2009

Michael Bauwens wrote:
> Thanks Douglas for explaining this, we are on a pretty similar wavelength,

Hallo Michael:

nothing like resonance; but I have to dissonate with the following 
statement (whilst otherwise only able to occasionally scan the contents 
of the iDC box -- Trebor, you need to write something more or less 
precise/poetic about how you *do* your facilitation work here on iDC and 
perhaps what your own personal desires are around it! :-)

> We could argue that today, a very large part of surplus value extraction is not done directly at production, but indirectly through the financial system

Yikes, really, say that to someone working in the extractives industry, 
at the lower levels of the techno-social pyramid as it were...  That 
argument comes from looking too long at view-point-limited/ing screens! 
  You are luxuriating at a level of abstractions that are subsidized 
("brought-to-you") by a massive globe-spanning process of concentrating 
and refining basic material energies -- a process which is run via human 
bodies, at its most fundamental level.  And it is precisely there, at 
the level of embodied life-energies and life-times, that surplus value 
(energy) accumulates and becomes directly available to the service of 
those up higher in that pyramid...  When one gives ones attention 
(Michael Goldhaber...) in the form of life-time and life-energy to 
anyone (regardless of mediatory path), that energy or surplus, as you 
call it, is, in real-time, transferred...


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