[iDC] Introduction

Alexander Galloway galloway at nyu.edu
Fri Jun 12 18:38:33 UTC 2009


Nice to be a part of this group as there are so many of you whose work  
i follow and find valuable. I teach at NYU and write software with the  
group RSG. By way of introduction, I sometimes steal a line from  
Jameson and say that I study the "poetics of social forms." A main  
part of that, for me, has been to try to refute the widely-held  
position that networks tend to dissolve and diminish systems of  
organization and control. This resulted in two books, "Protocol" and  
"The Exploit" (the second one co-written with my friend Eugene  
Thacker). I've also written on games, visual culture, and critical  
theory. Like many of you I'm interested in work, but I guess most  
relevant for this email list might be an essay on not work but on the  
"unworkability" of digital interfaces, particularly the final section  
on "Regimes of Signification" http://a.aaaarg.org/text/3157/unworkable-interface 
  and you can find more info about me here http://cultureandcommunication.org/galloway

--Alexander Galloway

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