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Ren Bucholz ren at trubble.com
Sat Jun 13 00:28:59 UTC 2009

Hi All,

Very nice to hear from everyone.  My name is Ren Bucholz and I am  
currently a law and graduate student in Toronto.  Before coming back  
to school, I spent five years at the Electronic Frontier Foundation,  
an NGO that works on technology and civil liberties.  I represented  
the group at the United Nations and directed their international  
policy team.  I was also a Google Policy Fellow in 2008, where I  
thought and wrote about copyright, technology standards, and  
competition law.

In broad strokes, I'm interested in how technological norms can  
quietly replace policies that used to be, or at least "ought" to be,  
set in public [yay, Alexander Galloway!].  I'm therefore interested  
in distributed forms of technological control, digital rights  
management, technology standards, the rhetoric of neoliberalism,  
myths of progress/openness, and media policy.  If all goes well, I'll  
be spending part of next year writing about how ameliorative tools  
like competition law could be tweaked to catch these new forms of  
distributed control.

I look forward to participating here.

Oddly enough,


On 12-Jun-09, at 2:38 PM, Alexander Galloway wrote:

> Greetings,
> Nice to be a part of this group as there are so many of you whose work
> i follow and find valuable. I teach at NYU and write software with the
> group RSG. By way of introduction, I sometimes steal a line from
> Jameson and say that I study the "poetics of social forms." A main
> part of that, for me, has been to try to refute the widely-held
> position that networks tend to dissolve and diminish systems of
> organization and control. This resulted in two books, "Protocol" and
> "The Exploit" (the second one co-written with my friend Eugene
> Thacker). I've also written on games, visual culture, and critical
> theory. Like many of you I'm interested in work, but I guess most
> relevant for this email list might be an essay on not work but on the
> "unworkability" of digital interfaces, particularly the final section
> on "Regimes of Signification" http://a.aaaarg.org/text/3157/ 
> unworkable-interface
>   and you can find more info about me here http:// 
> cultureandcommunication.org/galloway
> --Alexander Galloway
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