[iDC] Yet another introduction

Armin B. Wagner arminbw at mail.tuwien.ac.at
Tue Jun 23 15:54:35 UTC 2009

Hi All,

I found this mailing list through a reference (a tweet, actually)  
written by Kücklich, whom I remember from reading his doctoral thesis  
years ago. I did not get an invitation to join the discussions nor do  
I know anyone personally here.  I just hope this forum is as open as  
it’s software configuration suggests. As the netiquette here seems to  
include the practice of self-introduction, here some words:

I am working at the Institute for Design & Assessment of Technology  
(University of Technology Vienna). My academic background is a  
training in Computer Science (Informatics) and the so-called „Fine  

My artistic projects include an investigation on the change from CRT  
to TFT screens...
...and a website about crates and barrels in video games:

My current theoretical research circles around design methodologies  
and the implications of constructivistic pedagogical concepts, while I  
am working on a participatory design project involving visually  
impaired children and their teachers.

Seeing the computer as a highly plastic cultural artifact I am  
interested in computer folklore (I guess I am not the only one here)  
with an emphasis on the usage of metaphors  (e.g.: Lawrence "code is  
law" Lessig - fine printing "By X, I mean really not-X") and it’s  
prescriptive function.  So far I highly enjoyed the discussions here,


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