[iDC] Iran & the "Twitter Revolution"

Richard Grusin aj4671 at wayne.edu
Thu Jun 25 14:58:15 UTC 2009

Hello, list.  I've been lurking, too, looking for a place to enter.   
Regarding the theme of the Fall conference, my interests in thinking  
about the Internet as factory or playground would most likely involve  
the question of temporality--the relation between factory time and  
playground time.  My forthcoming book, Premediation: Affect and  
Mediality after 9/11  (Palgrave, March 2010) deals in part with the  
altered temporality of our media everyday in the current formation of  
social media.

Regarding the two recent links on Iran and Twitter, I offer a link to  
my blog, where I've thought a little bit about this in the last week.


Thanks, all, for an engaging and lively exchange.

Richard Grusin
r.grusin at wayne.edu

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