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Don’t recall if I even did an intro, so just in case – HI! I am currently a
lecturer in the Communication Studies and the Television, Radio, Film, and
Theatre departments at San Jose State University in California.*  My
background is in media law and policy with a focus on activist use of media,
specially micro radio. I am currently working on developing theory to
address the formation of collective action networks in digital environments.
I live in Santa Cruz.

* (pending the outcome of the current budget…)

Okay – I am current redesigning a Media Theory and Research course (again)
and am looking for an exemplar (or at least very good) journal article (the
newer the better) that uses semiotic analysis. My students are mostly media
production majors so something “straight-forward” with a solid media hook
would be ideal. I have something for them that gives them the basics.

I have been stymied by a 14 month embargo on Semiotica (just here or is this
everywhere and if so, WHAT is up with that?). Actually, Arning’s 2009 *Kitsch,
irony, and consumerism: A semiotic analysis of Diesel advertising
2000–2008*looked like it had potential but I can’t get at it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Ted M. Coopman Ph.D.
Communication Studies
Television, Radio, Film & Theatre
San Jose State University
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