[iDC] Introduction

Dominic Pettman pettmand at newschool.edu
Fri Jun 26 22:54:51 UTC 2009

Hello Everyone.
Long time listener, first - or possibly second - time caller.
I am based at the New School, in Lang College's Culture & Media Department.
For a long time now I have been interested in libidinal economies, and 
the ways in which they intersect with semiotic, symbolic, market, and 
technological ones. More recently, I have also been trying to extend 
this notion to ecology as well, which will be my elliptical entry-point 
into this conference. Specifically, Trebor's provocative claim that 
"Social participation is the oil of the digital economy." Come November, 
I intend to tap this metaphor for all it's worth, in order to explore 
the ways in which "peak oil" sets the cultural tone for our lives and 
interactions to a degree that even Hubbert and Co. could not foresee.
For a list of my publications and some writing samples, see:
Very much looking forward to seeing those I know again, and finally 
putting faces to names of those I haven't.

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