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Tue Oct 6 00:54:50 UTC 2009

hallo iDC

im jonCates + i make, organize + teach experimental New Media Art

i teach + have created the curriculum for the New Media path of study in the
Film, Video & New Media Department at The School of the Art Institute of


i research + write on Media Art Histories + related subjects:


in 2007, i initiated the Phil Morton Memorial Research Archive to archive +
freely distribute the Media Art work of Phil Morton + associated research:


i write on these topics for Furtherfield.org as well as in other online
platforms + printed publications:


my projects have been presented internationally at various events in
Beijing, Madrid, Mexico City, etc; nationally in Chicago, New York, LA, etc;
+ are widely distributed online:


Art Games, experimental Machinima, Computer Witchcraft, digitalPunk + Noise
music are some of the unstable categories that my work playfully navigates

in 2005 Trebor invited me to participate in the Share Share Widely: New
Media Education conference. i presented on the development of New Media
curriculum that i have created in the  Film, Video & New Media Department
since 2004

im looking fwd to lurking less + more posting/replying on iDC :)

// jonCates
Assistant Professor
Film, Video & New Media
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
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