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Sat Apr 17 17:02:22 UTC 2010

Hi Elana

Delightfully, deliciously, the link on the failfaire failed.

MobileActive returned "this page does not exist..."

But then, helpfully, they provided an automated search function that linked
to the relevant comments....a model of failure and work-around if there ever
was one. Plus, a nice way to start the day. Thanks for that! (I don't know
if anyone else got similar results, but I hope so.)

And seriously, I second your call for more thoughtful attention on this
question re: failure (writ large). From the art education perspective, we
fail most at  failure, and to use failure as grounds for discussion and
further work. I celebrate my failures and try to get students to revel with
me. No wonder I'm still an adjunct! (You are correct: it's a tricky

Lots of good work can be cited around this topic, i.e., the dialectic of
positive/negative cognitive pressures to conform socially, intellectually,
spiritually, economically -- to bow before the status quo. In a sense,
perhaps, I wonder if we might locate our malaise of mediocrity on that
continuum. Your experience on the ground with NGO counter-productivity bred
from a sort of technology competition is poignant. I see something similar
in the MFA programs here and abroad. I agree that there is much to say on
this issue, from many different angles.

Thanks for bringing it to the foreground.

Sean Justice  

On 4/16/10 6:58 PM, "elana langer" <elana.langer at gmail.com> wrote:

> There is much to say on this issue, however one thing to bear in mind
> is that the culture of exposing problems and discussing them is itself
> a tricky business. When are we never not being evaluated and how do we
> create an institution  where failure is celebrated as an opportunity
> to learn? What does that institution look like? Is it on this list?
> Does someone on this list know?
> p.s.
> I do want to give a nod to mobile active for their failfaire
> conference. I find that type of open sharing of failure to be truly
> uplifting!
> http://mobileactive.org/some-reflections-learning-failure-failfaire-attendee

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