[iDC] Theories of Information Visualization

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Hello Lily,

A good place to start is with Edward Tufte, a pioneer in the field.
His first book, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, is a classic.
The others have insights too.


Christian Sandvig's link to his syllabus included on of Tufte's more
recent books, Beautiful Evidence.

Also, there is some interesting work in mapping and cartography that
might be interesting to you. A historic overview for the general
reader is The Story of Maps by Lloyd Brown.


Hope this helps.


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> Hi all,
> I am looking to provide an overview of approaches and theories to
> information visualization and am unsure of where to start. Do any of
> you IDC-listers have recommendations for sources, scholars, and texts?
> I am currently working on a project with Alan Liu at UC Santa Barbara
> and we are interested in getting a birds-eye view of various
> theoretical approaches to visualization as we embark on some of our
> own visualization work.
> Thanks so much!
> -lilly
> lilly nguyen
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> dept. of information studies | ucla
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