[iDC] A movement of unemployed teachers

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Fri Jun 4 15:56:03 UTC 2010


you (perhaps chose not to) see, that what's happening is
your tightly closed-knit circles of collegial colleagues who
routinely excluded so many for so long (I've been denied
employment for over 25 years), is finally indulging in
well-deserved academia-asphyxiation... we'd say simply
good-riddance to the entire eregious system


On Thu, 3 Jun 2010, [ISO-8859-1] micha cárdenas wrote:

> Again I'm not sorry for my genuine rage, but this is all compounded by
> the collapse of the educational system where so many of us are being
> presented with our expulsion from academia. We need a Movement of
> Unemployed Teachers like the unemployed workers movement in Argentina
> (if any hope of a movement is still possible, or which may be possible
> again now that we all have os much time on our hands). Just in sheer
> numbers, so many of us are being laid off, having tenure threatened,
> watching adjunct jobs disappear, that we must have the combined energy
> to DO SOMETHING in response... The coming insurrection sounds more and
> more like sweet music that makes so much sense as we're all told that
> we have no futures left...

global islands project:

"We fill the craters left by the bombs
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Because life never surrenders."
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"Nothing can be said about the sea."
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